The Cost to Fit New Patio Doors

All you need to know about fitting patio doors including costs of materials, labour and time frames.

Patio Doors

What the job entails

When it comes to renovating the rear of your property, patio doors are one of the most popular features in the UK. They offer convenient access along with great security, while opening up the room with natural light and garden views. The type of patio doors you can use depend on the size of the potential opening, design preferences and of course the available budget. Each type of door has their own benefits and patio door can be any kind of door that opens onto a patio or garden area, including the popular sliding doors, but also bi-folding and French doors too. There is much to consider when installing patio doors, with the costs being a major factor, but also you have to consider choosing a tradesman and dealing with possible planning permission and building regulations. Hopefully, this article will make the process much simpler.

Fitting patio doors will inevitably cause a lot of damage to both interior and exterior plaster, so make sure any quotes you relieve include repairing plasterwork. However, the quotes will not include decoration, which will also be required over the new interior plaster around the door frames. it may also be a good time to consider new double glazing if your windows are looking a bit grubby and faded - the brand new patio doors will make them look even worse! Painting the exterior may also be desirable for the same reasons, a dirty looking exterior will not look great with brand new shiny patio doors!

On a new build you have complete flexibility when it comes to choosing patio doors, but if you are just having new patio doors fitted, then your choices may be restricted as you have to fit in with the rest of the exterior windows (unless getting patio doors as part of a bigger double glazing job). French doors work well with smaller openings and you have the option to open just a single door for access during adverse weather conditions, yet when the sun is shining, you can open both doors wide and enjoy it. Traditional sliding patio doors move along on horizontal tracks in the floor so work well if space outside is restricted, so a good choice for small patio areas. Modern patio systems use up to 3 tracks so multiple doors can slide independently offering great flexibility. Bi-folding patio doors are the most popular design right now and they can truly open up your home with their fully opening operation.

Patio doors are not really a DIY project, you need, as a minimum, to at least consult an architect or structural engineer to determine the need for a lintel. Failure to add in the correct support could cause structural damage to your home. But if you have an existing opening, for example just replacing existing doors, then doing this yourself is feasible, but make sure you measure correctly, once the patio doors arrive made to your measurements you can't send then back!

If you are enlarging or creating a new opening for patio doors, you may need a load-bearing lintel installed as support. When comparing quotes, make sure this work is included in the price as a structural engineer or architect may need to be consulted and they will expect to be paid! If you do not get the correct advice, you could damage the structure of your home, and when it comes to resell time, you will have to remove the doors and insert the correct support in any case, at a much greater cost.

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The Fitting Cost of Patio Doors

The information in this article has been collated from both on and offline sources, from personal experience, and from direct contact with builders and double glazing companies around the UK. But as always, prices mentioned are just typical prices to be used as a rough guideline when planning.

The actual cost of your patio doors could be completely different depending on your individual circumstances. So, the only way to get an accurate price is to get in touch with window/glazing specialits to measure up and provide quotations. Prices will vary depending on location, design, materials and dimensions.

The average material cost to fit patio doors will ultimately depend on the quality of patio door you choose to fit, how many you would like to fit or if it is double or triple glazed. Extra material costs may be incurred, such as, plastering materials or paint to tidy the edges of the new patio doors.

The average specialist will usually charge around £150 to £200 per day. The tradesman will usually work in pairs as some heavy lifting is required and they may sub-contract work if they themselves cannot do any structural or plastering work to finish the job. If you are modifying/creating an opening for patio doors to be fitted, you may need a load-bearing lintel installed. When comparing quotes between professional builders, make sure this additional work is included. In some cases, a structural engineer may need consulting, expect an additional cost of around £100.

Below are some estimated costs of hiring a specialist to fit patio doors:

Description Avg. Cost Duration
Patio sliding doors - supply & fit £900 4-6 hours
Bi-folding patio doors - supply & fit £1400 1 day

Cost Breakdown

Individual costs of supplying and fitting a Bi-folding patio door - Total Cost: £900






Waste Removal


Repairing or replacing a door that leaks or doesn’t open/close properly is a good start! In addition, you may wish to replace patio doors to match renovation you’re doing elsewhere.
French doors offer an elegant appearance, while maintaining the same level of security as other entry doors. But sliding doors are easier to operate and do not take up any additional space when they open, so are a good choice for homes with very small patio or garden areas. But really, it mainly comes down to personal preference.
Old doors and windows are usually the biggest sources of energy loss in homes, so replacing older doors with modern units allows you to enjoy the savings and comfort of better energy efficiency all year round. So, in most cases, fitting patio doors will actually improve energy efficiency.
If replacing on old entry door and fitting a modern double glazed patio doors, the security will actually be improved using the latest locking systems. Most new French doors and traditional sliding glass patio doors include safety and security features that make patio doors just as secure as any other exterior door.