Cost of Installing New Guttering

All you need to know about installing new guttering including costs of materials, costs of labour and time frames.


What the job entails

Installing new guttering is a job that will eventually need doing on all properties as the guttering takes some serious abuse dealing with the typical British weather while taking water away from the roof. Plastic guttering is the most common type today as it is so versatile and can look exactly the same as cast iron guttering once installed. Removing the old guttering and fitting new replacement gutters and downpipes is relatively straightforward, but it does involve working at height so safety is paramount.

The guttering itself is fixed to the fascia board, so the removal of the guttering is a part of replacing the fascia and soffit boards (roofline). It therefore makes sense to replace the roofline products at the same time if required.

Replacing Guttering by yourself

If you need to replace your guttering and plan to do the job as a DIY project, then you'll find new plastic guttering is by far the easiest type to fit. To find out how much guttering you will need, simply measure all the way round your house then check the manufacturer's guidelines to estimate how many fittings you will need.

The first step is to remove the old guttering, plastic guttering is pretty easy to remove, but cast-iron guttering is heavy and the edges can be really sharp if corroded or worn, so if you have cast iron guttering then it will be a two man job (at least). before you begin ensure you are comfortable working on ladders at height and remember never to rest ladder on the guttering.

You need to stop the old guttering from falling to the ground when removed, so place netting underneath or hammer nails into fascia to catch it, then lower slowly to the ground. Remove all sections and then the downpipes one section at a time from the top.

Start fitting the new guttering with the outlet part for the downpipe first which you'll need to place directly over the drain. You will need to use a plumb line to ensure you are directly over the drain. Fit the rest of the guttering with a slight fall of around 10mm every 6m of gutter to help the water to drain efficiently. If there is damage to a single section of guttering, then just that section can be replaced, there is no need to replace all the guttering if the rest of it is in good condition with no leaks.

You may find that the fascia board is damaged when removing the old guttering due to weathering or rot over the years, or you may inadvertently damage it when unscrewing the old gutter brackets. So rather than fitting new guttering to rotten boards, you may find you have to replace all the roofline products at the same time, adding considerably to the overall cost. In addition, the removal of the fascia boards may itself also damage the bottom roof tiles, so budget for replacing some of those also!

Example Cost of Replacing your Guttering

Assuming a typical semi detached UK property with around 15 to 20 metres of guttering in total plus 3 rainwater downpipes. Then the typical cost for replacement would be around £600 to £800. This would include erecting access equipment to work at height, the removal of existing guttering and rainwater downpipes, the supply and fit of new Upvc rainwater guttering, brackets and downpipes, connecting into existing drains, then the removal of all waste material.

This figure will vary if you have an unusual roof design requiring many more brackets to support the guttering, or if there are access problems due to a conservatory or porch. For a standard 3 bed semi, the job should take less than one day to complete. If you require cast iron guttering to be fitted then expect to pay a lot more.

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Cost of Installing New Guttering

The average cost of replacing and installing new guttering is usually in the range of £450-£700 depending upon the condition of your fascias, whether the roofline has easy access, and whether your house is detached, semi or terraced.

Most roofline workers operate in pairs and will usually charge around £200-£300 per day. Usually, to replace your guttering it takes just a single day, maybe even less if only a ladder is needed.

Here are a few average costs for installing new pvc guttering. Please note that these are average prices, for example you may notice that having guttering installed on a detached bungalow is cheaper than a detached house. This is simply because some houses don't have easy access, requiring an access tower to be built.

House Type House Size Avg. Cost Duration
Detached Bungalow £500 1 day
Semi-Detached Bungalow £450 1 day
Detached 2-storey £600 1 day
Semi-Detached 2-storey £500 1 day
Terraced 2-storey £450 1 day

Cost Breakdown

Individual costs for a Semi-detached house of average size - Total Cost: £500






Waste Removal


Assuming new plastic guttering, then as a minimum, clean your gutters at least twice a year with warm soapy water, more if you live in a wooded area.
First of all you need to diagnose the problem as there are a few different reasons why a gutter will leak. First check that the guttering has been installed correctly especially with regards to the run of the gutter towards the downpipe. Next check for impact damage caused by ladders or high winds.

If the gutter is leaking/overflowing near to the downpipe then most likely the downpipe is blocked and will need cleaned out. However, if there are multiple leaks without apparent blockages, chances are the seals are all failing or the guttering is so fragile it is staring to crack, in which case you will need new guttering! temporary fixes can be tried using mastics and sealants but these temporary fixes only last a year or so before the leaks start appearing again.
Modern UPVC gutters can last around 30 years, after this the rubber seals will begin to leak and the plastic becomes brittle and cracks easily. If the gutters are leaking in several places then this is often the signal that new gutters are required. Cast iron gutters should last 100 years or more if they were originally installed correctly, repairing cast iron gutters often requires metal work or even welding, so is best left to experts.
Cast iron gutters when correctly maintained will last over 100 years, even when they start to look a bit "tired" they can simply be cleaned and painted then can last for another 100 years! So having them removed and replaced with UPVC gutters is a real shame. However if low maintenance is a priority, then UPVC is the way to go, as cast iron gutters need regular cleaning and painting for a long lifetime, whereas with plastic you can just fit and forget, barring removing debris etc twice a year to prevent blockages.