Cost of Gutter Cleaning

Last updated 16th February, 2024

Wondering how much is gutter cleaning?

This article discusses you all you need to know about gutter cleaning. On average it will cost between £100-£150 to have your gutters cleaned. We discuss cleaning gutters yourself as well as using a professional gutter cleaning service and much more!

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How Much To Clean Gutters?

The average cost of hiring someone to clean your guttering will depend on the size and height of the property, along with ease of access to the gutters. But assuming there is easy access up to the typical second storey gutter height, then the cost for a typical semi-detached property would be around £125.

This is money well spent as overflowing gutters will eventually lead to much more costly blockages and other problems. It’s recommended that gutters are cleaned at least twice a year.

How much will labour cost?

Most roofline tradesmen charge around £150 per day and for cleaning gutters around an average sized semi-detached house, you're looking at 4-8 hours worth of work depending upon the ease of access and how badly the gutters needed cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning Prices

Here are a few average costs for hiring someone to clean your gutters:

House Type Scaffolding? Avg. Cost Duration
Terraced No £100 1/2 day
Semi-detached No £125 1/2 day
Detached No £150 1/2 day
Terraced Yes £375 1 day
Semi-detached Yes £400 1 day
Detached Yes £425 1 day

Cost Breakdown

Individual costs for hiring a tradesman to clean the gutters of a 2-storey semi-detached house with easy access - Total Cost: £125






Waste Removal

What the Job Entails

Roof gutters are designed to collect rainwater from the roof and transport it away from the building to a ground level drain or soak-away. In the UK today most roof gutters are made from plastic but cast iron and aluminium gutters are still popular, particularly with older, period properties.

Gutters in the UK are smaller than those used by the rest of Europe or in the USA, so they tend to become blocked more often and more easily. The common causes of gutter and downpipe blockages are roof moss, leaves and twigs. Removing this debris is normally not very difficult as it can usually be removed manually with just a glove, bucket and ladder.

There are some related jobs that may need doing at same time as gutter cleaning, for example the roof tiles my also need cleaned if covered in unsightly moss or lichen and a chemical treatment applied to the tiles to prevent re-growth. In addition it may become apparent whilst cleaning that the guttering may not be in the best condition, or the fascia boards the guttering is fixed to could also need some remedial work.

If you live in an area where the gutters get blocked frequently, then you should consider installing a gutter guard to keep leaves, twigs and roof moss out of the guttering. You may want to consider cutting back any overhanging tree branches to reduce the amount of debris clogging up your gutter.

Gutter cleaning can be done DIY as the work itself is very straightforward and usually involves nothing more than simply scooping out the debris by hand then flushing the downpipes with a hose.

However, working at height can be very dangerous, especially on a ladder, so it’s often best to find a local, reliable contractor to do this type of work for you. Professionals can usually do the job without ladders or scaffolding using lightweight carbon fibre cleaning poles.

If the gutters are overflowing but the blockage is not in the gutters or the downpipe, it could be located underground which can increase the overall cost substantially. If this is the case you need to check with the local authority to determine who is responsible for the drainage costs, normally if the blockage is underneath your property then it is your responsibility.

In addition if your roof is higher than normal, for example if you live in a 3 or 4 storey town house, then this will also increase the cost. Much of the labour cost in fact is decided by the access to the roof, if the gutters can be cleaned from the ground level using telescopic carbon fibre poles then this reduces the cost, whereas if scaffolding is required to reach the gutter then the cost will be much, much higher.

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The roof guttering is a crucial component of your home’s drainage system so it is vital that it is kept well-maintained. Blocked gutters can eventually lead to much more serious and expensive damage, including mould growth inside and outside, unsightly water stains and damp, flooding and even damage to the foundations of the property.

Standing water in the guttering is also an invalidation for insects to create a breeding ground and will also lead to rusting of any metal gutters, brackets or other fixings. Gutter cleaning is also a great opportunity to inspect the guttering with a camera and potentially spot damage which would be difficult if not impossible to see from the ground.
You should clean gutters twice a year in any case whether there are any problems or not. However in some areas you may need to clean them even more often, signs to look out for include water coming over the top of the gutter, water constantly dripping of leaking from the gutters even when it is not raining, or damp patches inside your home typically higher up were the ceilings meet the walls.

These are just a few of the most obvious signs of blocked gutters, but sometimes you will not see any signs at all until the water has already caused some serious problems, why is why it is recommended that you clean the gutters twice a year.
No, in most instances professional companies do all the work from the safety of the ground utilising commercial wet and dry cleaning machines along with lightweight carbon fibre bore poles. This method is extremely safe and efficient, ensuring that the gutter cleaning costs are kept to the minimum and there is little disruption or mess to deal with for home-owners.

Professional cleaning equipment specifically designed for gutter cleaning can extend up to 10 metres in length and features a compact camera which allows the cleaners to see what they're doing from the safety of the ground.
If the debris causing the blockages is mostly coming from trees on your property then sometimes these can be cut back to greatly reduce blockages. Alternatively, you can install aluminium gutter screens or permanent gutter guards to prevent any large debris falling into the gutter.

However, these guards or screens are not always effective, much depends on the size and type of debris causing the problems. Regular cleaning of gutters is still by far the best way to prevent blockages, in addition while being cleaned the technician will often identify other problems that need attention before they become too serious or expensive.
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