End of Tenancy Cleaning Cost

Last updated 8th May, 2024

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This article examines all the costs involved in end of tenancy cleaning. We look at how much a tenancy cleaner costs, end of tenancy cleaning prices and what you get for your money. On average the cost should be between £90 and £300 dependant on the property type.

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The Cost Of End Of Tenancy Cleaning

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How Much is an End of Tenancy Clean?

Typically, the cost of materials for cleaning will be fairly nominal as cleaning products will be already bought in bulk by cleaning companies. Similarly, any required equipment they likely would already have bought.

End of tenancy cleaning is a service offered by many cleaning companies and prices start from around £90 for a studio flat, rising to £300 or more for large detached properties.

What do the prices exclude?

Prices quoted by cleaning companies do not normally include carpet cleaning, which will typically add anything from £30 to £120.

Below are some estimated costs of cleaning at the end of a tenancy.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Property Size Avg. Cost Duration
Studio flat or Caravan £100 1 Hour
1 bedroom property £135 1-2 Hour
2 bedroom property £160 1-2 Hour
3 bedroom property £210 1-3 Hour
4 bedroom property £300 2-3 Hour

Cost Breakdown

Individual costs of cleaning a one-bedroom property at the end of tenancy - Total Cost: £100






Waste Removal

What the Job Entails

Tenants are usually required to do an end of tenancy cleaning when they move out as part of the letting agreement.

The cleanliness (or lack thereof) of the property at the end of the tenancy is responsible more than half of the deposit disputes as if the property has not been cleaned to a decent standard the landlords will deduct the cost of hiring a cleaning company from the deposit.

Most tenants will opt to hire a professional cleaning service to handle their end of tenancy cleaning to ensure they get their deposit back, though some will try and clean the property themselves.

But there is usually a lot to do when moving house so finding the time for a thorough cleaning of the entire property can be difficult!

End of tenancy cleaning should include a deep clean of the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. Plus all surfaces throughout the property: floors, tiles, carpets, walls, and windows. Dust and dirt will need to be removed and cobwebs cleared out of hard to reach places.

All the appliances which are included in the tenancy such as dishwashers, cookers and washing machines will also need to be cleaned out to a high standard.

If you decide you want to do the cleaning yourself in addition to all the other tasks associated with moving, then you should start with writing a checklist detailing everything that needs to cleaned and tick things off as you go. to ensure that all the cleaning is done thoroughly and properly.

Don't don't skip the minor details or cut corners as your landlord won't when inspecting the property! It is probably a good idea to contact your estate landlord to see if they have a standard checklist for the end of tenancy cleaning and ask them for a copy.

This thorough cleaning will include removing everything from the refrigerators, freezers and cupboards; cleaning the oven and all the cupboards and surfaces, dishwashers and microwaves; scrubbing all floors, bathroom and sinks; furniture and carpet cleaning; plus clearing out and tidying of any garages or outbuildings.

You can see why most people prefer to hire a professional cleaning team for the end of tenancy cleaning as it is a lot of work and it needs to be done thoroughly to avoid losing the deposit. Professional cleaning companies have all the necessary equipment, tools and cleaning materials for a very thorough and fast cleaning service.

If you have the time and are physically fit, you can do a good job of the cleaning yourself, but if you can afford it, just hire a team of professionals as this will save you all the hassle and the cleaning will likely be done more professionally!

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This will of course largely depend on the size of the property and how much work is required (in other words how dirty it is). But a 3 bedroom detached home would typically take 2 cleaners around a full day to complete.

The cleaning company will let you know in advance how long the job will take but you don't need to actually be there the full time, just as long as you can grant them access.
No - this may be required by the landlord but carpet and/or upholstery cleaning is not included in the standard prices quoted by cleaning companies so comes at an additional cost.

If your carpets and/or upholstery need to be cleaned, budget an additional £20-£30 per item and let the cleaning company know in advance that this will be required so that they have all the equipment necessary with them on the day.
Cleaning companies cannot guarantee your deposit back, but many will offer to return and re-clean if there are any issues with the cleaning free of charge.

So it is very unlikely you will lose your deposit due to an issue with the cleaning if you use a professional, but of course, cleaners cannot take care of any damage caused during the tenancy so they cannot offer an actual guarantee that you will get your full deposit back.
Yes - the prices quoted by cleaning companies include everything necessary for a professional cleaning, all you need to provide on the day is access, running hot water and electricity.
Internal window cleaning is usually included in end of tenancy service quotes. But if your windows need to be cleaned on the outside this will incur an additional fee.

In addition, the windows will need to be cleaned from the inside as most cleaning companies will not have the equipment required to safely access upper storey windows. So if your windows cannot be cleaned from the inside, you will need to hire a local window cleaner.
Yes - you need to defrost it so it can be cleaned properly. Defrosting usually takes around 6-8 hours so is best done the night before the cleaners arrive.
Yes - the cleaning of standard single or double oven is typically included in the end of tenancy cleaning quotes.
You should carefully check the directions for use printed on the fertiliser bag, many modern, green products are not harmful to animals but with some, you will have to wait until the lawn has been treated and is thoroughly dry after the first rain or watering.
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