Driveway Cleaning And Sealing Cost

Last updated 7th February, 2024

Do you want to extend the life of your driveway?

This article covers all you need to know about keeping your driveway in tip-top condition. We cover driveway cleaning, driveway pressure washing as well as sealing your driveway at the end of this. We also cover what fees you should be expecting with this type of work (around £300).

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Clean and Seal Driveway

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How Much to Clean a Driveway?

The average cost of cleaning and sealing a driveway is typically around £300 for an average sized driveway. The average price varies depending on location and also how much the trademan charges per square metre. As mentioned, the process will typically cost between £8.50 and £12.50 per square metre.

How long will it take to complete?

The overall time to complete the job will be a few days as the tradesmen will need to apply a chemical fungicide and this will need to be left for a few days to dry in order to prevent weed growth.

Driveway Cleaning Prices

Below are some estimated costs of hiring a tradesmen to clean and seal a driveway:

Driveway Size Avg. Cost Duration
Small Driveway £200 4-5 hours
Medium Driveway £300 6-7 hours
Large Driveway £400 7-8 hours

Cost Breakdown

Individual costs for cleaning and sealing a medium sized driveway - Total Cost: £300






Waste Removal

What the Job Entails

Sealing a block paved patio or driveway has many benefits, over and above looking elegant and stylish! A quality sealer will also protect and secure your paving from the elements and help to reduce usage wear and tear. Block paving is expensive, so sealing it is a sensible thing to do to protect your investment.

Block paving can protect your paving from stains such as oil leaks from cars, helps to prevent algae and weeds from growing, lengthens the lifespan of the driveway by binding the jointing sand used and reduces the level of fading and wear, preserving the colour of your paving.

Cleaning and sealing a driveway will involve using a pressure washer to remove all traces of weeds, algae and any old stains. Then once the driveway is completely dry and clean, joints are refilled with kiln dried sand if required and all excess sand is removed from the surface.

Finally, the sealer is applied using a brush, roller or a squeegee, as per manufacturer’s instructions.

You may want to consider cleaning and updating other areas of your home at the same time. The companies which offer driveway cleaning and sealing services will often also offer other brick & masonry cleaning services, which will be ideal for any walls which border the driveway to finish the job nicely - a sparkling clean drive bordered by grubby walls will not look great!

Driveway cleaning, sanding and sealing will typically cost between £8.50 and £12.50 per square metre. but the prices quoted will vary with location, the type of sealant and the size of the drive. The type of sealant used makes a big difference to the price, the most expensive of the sealants on offer is "Resiblock", but this product comes highly recommended.

Don’t bother paying to get your driveway sealed during the winter, there is simply too much moisture at ground level during the winter and the block paving won’t have the chance to fully dry out.

Applying expensive sealant products like Resiblock is a complete waste of money when the blocks are damp as the seal will not last, in damp conditions even if the surface appears dry it will still be holding moisture deep inside the material.

So rather than sealing the paving against moisture, you will actually be sealing the moisture inside. Beware of any companies using pressure tactics to convince you to carry out this work at a reduced price during the winter months!

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A professional company will first of all pressure wash the block paving then apply fungicide or weed killer to prevent future moss and weed growth. Then after allowing 48-72 hours for drying, any gaps between blocks will be filled using kiln dried sand before applying a driveway sealant such as Resiblock. Typically, you will pay around £300 for this work on an average sized driveway.
It will take a just a few hours to clean the driveway with a power washer, then half an hour to apply a chemical fungicide. Then the driveway needs to be left to dry for a few days before the kiln dried sand is used to fill the gaps between the bricks and prevent the blocks from shifting, which takes around an hour and includes sweeping off any excess surface sand and using a leaf blower to ensure the surface is completely free of sand and dust. The application of the sealant itself will then take around two hours for an average driveway.
It is recommended to reseal most types of pavements every two years, but some have it done every year while they have the driveways cleaned to keep them looking their best!
If your driveway has oil stains they may show through the sealer if the oil has penetrated deep into the surface. For fresh oil stains it is highly recommended that you apply a degreaser and try and remove the stains, you can also try this with older stains prior to sealing the driveway. Driveway sealing companies will usually offer spot cleaning services for oil stains but for an additional cost.
During the summer months keep vehicles off the driveway for 48 hours, Spring and Atumn allow 72 hours or more depending on the temperature. Driveway sealer will dry from the surface down so may feel dry on the surface but can still be wet underneath. You can walk on the driveway as soon as the surface feels dry to the touch, which is usually after just a few hours in warmer weather.
Normally after sealing it is much easier to clean bad stains using a normal garden pressure washer, even oil stains should not penetrate the surface and can normally be easily removed with a degreaser.
Weed growth should be eliminated with a correctly fitted driveway. However, on block paving, weeds can grow in the surface joints as airborne seeds settle in them. This can be greatly reduced by having the surface sealed regularly and using a weed killer twice a year.
Professional installers will use a protection board when spraying near the garden to prevent from overspray in the garden area. They will also take extra precaution around ponds. However, during the initial drying period it is essential to keep children and pets away from the installation for at least 4-6 hours. Once dry, the surface is perfectly safe for children and pets.
Normally with just a few broken or loose blocks, they will be replaced or rebased as part of the job. Broken blocks can be replaced by swapping a matching existing block from an inconspicuous area of the driveway, which can then be replaced with a new block, keeping a uniformed colour match throughout the driveway. However, don't expect the company to carry out extensive repair work for free, anything more than a couple of cracked/broken bricks will probably cost extra!
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