The Cost to Change a Yale Lock

Last updated 27th October 2019

All you need to know about changing a Yale lock including costs of materials, labour and time frames.

Yale Lock Cost

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What the job entails

Yale locks are common in the UK as they are relatively cheap, easy to use and offer reasonable security for the price. However, around half of all new homeowners don’t even bother to change their locks after they move in! Yale locks are handy because they are self-locking, so when you leave the house you just close your door and the house is secure. But on their own, Yale locks can still be overcome and broken through just with brute force. For a good level of overall security consider using a Yale lock in conjunction with deadlocks which need a key to lock them.

If you need to change a Yale lock and are looking to keep costs down, then it is normally possible to change just the lock cylinder and key, rather than the entire lock unit. It’s possible to fit and change Yale lock cylinders on your own if you are reasonably handy, but you do need to know what you are doing as otherwise, you could be putting your property at risk if the lock is not fitted correctly. Most people will rather employ a professional locksmith to get the job right and provide peace of mind.

The typical cost for having your entire Yale lock replaced is around £150. This price assumes an off-peak call to a locksmith and includes both parts and labour costs (obviously calling a locksmith out at 2 am will cost more). Just replacing the cylinder and providing a couple of new keys is cheaper and will save around £50-£75 on the job. It shouldn't take any longer than an hour or so for a professional to change a Yale lock.

If having a professional locksmith visit to change a lock, it makes sense for them to carry out a security audit while they are on site. Having locks with recognised security fitted to doors and windows all round can often save you money on home insurance premiums. The latest deadlock systems from Yale, such as the Yale Rim Automatic Deadlatch, use both internal locking handles and a night latch, so are very likely to gain approval from your home insurance company. But be careful when declaring locks for a discount, you must be certain of the exact type of lock fitted or you could risk invalidating later claims.

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The Cost to Replace a Yale Lock

The average material cost to replace a Yale lock will depend on what lock type and extras you choose. Prices of cylinder locks, deadlocks or a latch can vary from £20 to £50 or even more.

The average lock specialist will usually charge around £150 to £200 per day. Replacing a Yale lock will not take the locksmith much time and effort but they usually charge a standard call out fee regardless of how long they take. The average doorlock should only take up to an hour to install.

Below are some estimated costs of hiring a locksmith to change a Yale lock:

Yale Lock Type Avg. Cost Duration
Yale Deadlock £150 1 hour
Yale Cylinder Lock £100-£125 1 hour
Yale Door Latch £100-£125 1 hour

Cost Breakdown

Individual costs to change a Yale cylinder lock - Total Cost: £100






Waste Removal


It depends on the insurance company, but many do insist on a British Standard mortice lock to secure your property, whereas others will simply offer a discount if your property locks have higher standards of security (such as a lock conforming to BS 3621). Aside from the insurance benefits, a lock conforming to BS 3621 offers better protection for yourself and your family.
When you first move into a new home, one of the first things you should do is change the locks as soon as possible. There is no way of knowing for sure that the previous owner or tenant handed all their keys back, they may have forgotten to retrieve a spare key from tradesmen or neighbours, plus it’s possible that someone could have made a copy of the key and returned it later, so no one would even know there is another spare key out there! Moving home is stressful enough, without getting burgled shortly after you move in, or lying awake at night wondering if some stranger has a key to your front door! For security and peace of mind, get the locks changed as soon as possible!
Having your home burgled is traumatic and can leave you with a feeling of vulnerability in your home, where you should really feel completely secure. After a burglary or attempted burglary, you need to be proactive in order to help prevent it happening again. this could mean updating your lock cylinders, investing in a home alarm system, or a general updating and improving your security for peace of mind, and to deter thieves from targeting your home again. Contact a professional locksmith/security company to check on your current home security and offer advice.
Unfortunately, in the UK, there is no government licensing of locksmiths, anyone can advertise themselves as a locksmith no matter what their level of training and competence. Word of mouth is always a good way to find any tradesman, but failing that, the Master Locksmiths Association is a not for profit organisation which was established to promote the level of skills and ethics within the locksmith industry and has has established a licensing scheme whereby its approved companies are vetted with regular inspections to ensure quality and professionalism. So if you hire a locksmith that is a member of the Master Locksmiths Association, at least you know that they have the required training and qualifications to make your home secure.
Professional locksmiths can gain access to most properties with little to no damage caused, they can bypass most locks in a non-destructive manner, getting you into your home with the minimum of fuss. Only in very rare circumstances will the locksmith have to cause some minor damage to gain access. Be wary of any so-called locksmith who cannot bypass locks in this non-destructive manner, if they have to damage your door or windows to get you in, they are likely cowboys with no real training, just looking to make as much money as possible from your situation. Unscrupulous and unskilled contractors can advertise themselves as locksmiths, but will simply use brute force to gain access, so you not only have to pay them an inflated call-out fee, but you will also be left with the cost of a new door or window!
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