The Cost to Fit a New Staircase

All you need to know about fitting a new staircase including costs of materials, labour and time frames.


What the job entails

If your stairs have fallen into a state of despair, or you are doing a major renovation or extension project for which you require a new set of stairs, then you will quickly find that staircases are available in an almost limitless variety of shapes, sizes, materials and designs. When it comes to costs, it’s easy to get carried away, but don’t worry. This article will help you by showcasing realistic prices for staircases, plus we have collated key information and guidance on stair installation projects and even some DIY tips.

If you want your new staircase to be painted or stained (highly recommended), this will normally not be included in any quotes you receive, so you will need to either do this yourself, or get a painter in to do it for you. If you intend to carpet the stairs, then you will of course also have to add the carpet fitters quote to your budget. Of course, having a brand new staircase freshly painted will make all the skirting boards and door surrounds look positively grubby, so while you have the painter and decorator there (or while you have the paint brushes in hand yourself), you may as well freshen up all the paintwork!

Fitting a staircase is beyond all but the most experienced DIY enthusiasts, so most of us will hire an experienced joiner. You can do this by clicking the "Get a Quote" button for free quotes from experienced joiners. When choosing the staircase, remember that dark steps and spindles will make the stairway area feel gloomier so are best reserved for when your staircase is part of a light open-plan living space. In darker spaces you can try using glass panels to will let the light through, along with lighter woods such as white oak for a bright and contemporary look. There are a number of modern staircase types which look fantastic, but can be expensive, such as floating staircases which look as if they are defying gravity but are cleverly supported by the wall on one side, helical staircases can also look beautiful and work well in more compact spaces.

Building and fitting a staircase is a skilled job and best left to the professionals. Unless you are a very experienced DIY enthusiast, it's probably best not to attempt it yourself. If you make a mess of it, it could be dangerous and will likely end up costing a lot more if you have to get a joiner in to fix it! However, there are many companies which will make staircases which are designed for local tradesman and DIY enthusiasts to install. There is very little fabrication work required and full fitting instructions are usually included with the staircases, so it can be a DIY project.

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The Cost to Fit a New Staircase

The pricing information found within this article has been collected from multiple online sources, as well as gathered directly from tradesmen around the country. While the prices are taken from actual quotes, every staircase is different so you will need to get a full written quotation for your staircase project before making any firm decisions.

The average material cost to fit a new staircase will depend on the type/design and materials chosen, along with location and access.

The average joiner will usually charge around £150 to £200 per day to fit a new staircase. As every staircase is different, it is hard to put a specific time frame on the job. The staircase will need to be planned in detail which may take up to a day itself. For a bespoke staircase to be built and fitted it can take anywhere from up to 8-10 weeks as the staircase will first need to designed and manufactured, meaning there are waiting times. The actual fitting can usually be done in 1-2 days, adding another day if the old staircase needs removing.

Below are some estimated costs of hiring a specialist to fit a new staircase:

Staircase Description Avg. Cost Duration
Replacing a standard straight staircase £750-£1000 2-4 days
A bespoke designed hardwood staircase with ornamental bannister £3000-£5000 8 weeks
Bespoke metalwork designer winding staircase over two levels £10000-£15000 10 weeks
To supply and fit handrail to existing staircase £100-£150 2-3 hours

Cost Breakdown

Individual cost to supply & fit a new bespoke designed hardwood staircase with ornamental bannister - Total Cost: £5000






Design & Manufacture


There is a set of specific building regulations regarding staircases which cover the technical specifications to ensure safety. The regulations clearly detail the shapes and dimensions along with the clearances required. Even details such as handrails and balustrades are covered. If you’re simply replacing an existing staircase like for like, then you’re unlikely to encounter many problems with Building Regulations as the dimensions should be very similar. But for new staircases in additions to buildings like loft conversions or extensions, you are making a significant change so you will need to ensure the new staircase complies with regulations.
You will of course need the check with your local authority , but the key measurements are a minimum depth of step of 220mm, recommended width of a staircase of 850mm, headroom on landing of at least 200mm, and the pitch of the staircase should not exceed 42 degrees. In older, period properties be advised that there are many instances where the existing staircases/balustrades do not conform to modern day building regulations, they are often too narrow and/or steep by today’s standards. So a straight like for like replacement in these circumstances will probably not be possible, as the replacement staircases must still conform to regulations currently in force, space permitting.
A bespoke designed staircase built from plans drawn up by an architect will take up to 10 weeks before the actual manufacture of the staircase begins, the build and install of the staircase could take up to another 4 weeks. But in most cases, a basic made-to-measure staircase can be produced within a week and it will take a carpenter a couple of days on average to fit a new staircase. But don't forget to allow some time for the existing staircase to be removed, which will probably take a full day.
A lot depends really on what other timbers are used around the home and the look you want to achieve. Whether you intend to carpet or paint the stairs is a factor too. Pine is the cheaper entry level timber choice with hardwoods like Beech, Oak and Ash being the most popular hardwood choices.
The rule of thumb is you need an opening that is 100mm larger than the diameter of the staircase itself. But bear in mind the recommended width of single staircase is 850mm. It is likely that you need more room than you think at first glance!