The Cost of Fitting a Curtain or Handrail

Last updated 8th February, 2024

Do you need a curtain rail fitting? Or possibly a handrail?

This article breaks down all you need to know about having a handrail or curtains fitted. We cover the cost of fitting curtains or a handrail, the timeframes involved with this type of work as well as any additional costs.

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Fitting a Curtain or Handrail

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How Much To Fit a Curtain or Handrail?

The last thing you want are curtains that fall down! If you are thinking about fitting a curtain or handrail, read this useful guide to learn about what you can expect if you decide to fit a curtain or handrail.

What is involved in fitting a curtain pole or handrail?

Curtains can make a huge difference to a room, whilst handrails are an important safety measure. However, when it comes to fitting a curtain pole or handrail, there is some know-how required. Both curtain and handrails need to be fitted in the right way in order to function properly. Thus, you may require assistance with installing a curtain pole or handrail.

So what should you expect if you are planning to install a handrail? The height will need to be measured from the pitch line to the top of the handrail, to ensure that your handrail is the correct height. Your installer will measure out the continuous diagonal along the wall that the handrail will follow, to ensure that it is positioned parallel to the diagonal slope of the stairs, at a consistent level all the way along its length.

The handrail will also be measured to ensure that it is the right length for the wall. If the handrail needs to be shortened, it will be trimmed and the proper ending attached so that it is finished properly. Finally, brackets will be marked out evenly along the parallel line and the handrail fitted to the wall securely.

And what should you expect if you are planning to install a curtain pole?

The height of the curtain pole will be marked out to ensure that it is positioned with the drop that you require, this will be affected by the type of curtain that you have and whether the curtain hangs from eyelets, rings or fabric tabs. The brackets at each end will be positioned at least 50mm from the very edge of the side and top of the window. However, if your curtains are thick, it is advisable to leave a little more than 50mm to allow for the extra material.

Your tradesman will use a tool to check whether your wall contains any hazards such as lintels before they drill into the wall. If your wall is damaged or in poor condition, additional work will be required and you may need to price up having your walls plastered or skimmed. A competant installer will also use a spirit level to ensure that the handrail or curtain pole measurements and final finish are straight.

If you are having ceiling-mounted curtain rails installed, they will need to be fitted using lengthy screws that are long enough to reach the joists beyond the plaster. Curtain rails should not be joined together if they are too short, instead you will need to buy a longer curtain rail. Where a batten is being used to support the brackets, it must be held securely in place using screws, a robust adhesive or plugs.

If your tradesman faces problems with walls or curtain and handrails that are too short, then bear in mind that this will drive up the final price of your handrail or curtain pole fitting.

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Fitting Curtain Prices

The average cost of installing a curtain pole or handrail is around £80 - £150, dependant on the number of curtains or handrails you require.

Your handyman will usually work at a cost of around £100 – £150 per day.

Although this is a job that you can do yourself, it is easy to damage your walls when attaching handrails and curtain poles. If it's not done correctly you may end up forking out not only for someone to attach them properly but someone to repair the damage that you’ve caused.

The biggest variant in the overall cost will be the quality of handrail or curtain attachment that you buy. To reduce your overall costs you should look at budget options.

Curtain and Handrail Prices

Below we give some indication of common prices for hiring a handyman to fit a curtain or handrail:

Description Material Cost Labour Cost Duration
Fit curtain pole (Per room) £15-£35 £45-£65 1-3 hours
Fit single handrail £20-£75 £70-£80 2-4 hours
Fit double handrails £40-£150 £90-£120 4-6 hours

Cost Breakdown Calculator For Fitting a Curtain Pole (Per Room)

Individual costs of fitting a curtain pole only - Total Cost: £80






Waste Removal


Where you place your curtain rod brackets is key if you want your curtains to be hung properly. Calculate the top measurement of your curtains by measuring the distance from the bottom to the top. Then install the brackets so that the curtain rod is attached to the top measurement.
As a general rule, you will find that most curtain poles are fitted about 15cm above the window so that the curtain can hang properly.
A handrail should be between 90cm and 1m high. To measure the height, start at the pitch line and finish at the top of the handrail.
Curtain hooks should be placed evenly along the heading tape, usually in every 4th, 5th or 6th pocket.
Each bracket should be about 122 cm apart. You will also need to make sure that there is a handrail bracket at the top of the handrail and another at the bottom.
If you have a curtain pole, place the curtain hooks into the top row of the pockets so that the curtain hangs below the pole.
In the UK, you do not legally need a handrail on the first two bottom steps.
No, in the U.K if the stairs are less than 1m wide, then there should be a handrail on at least one side of the stairs. If the stairs are wider than 1m, handrails should be installed on both sides of the stairs.