Loft Light Installation Cost

Last updated 22nd March, 2023

Want to find out the cost of fitting a loft light?

This guide covers all you need to know about the installation of loft lights, including costs of installation, labour and time frames. On average, your loft lighting costs will set you back around £150.

Check it out below!

The Cost of Loft Light Installation

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How Much to Install Loft Lights?

The cost of single a loft light is typically around £10-£20, with the requirement also for a switch (£10-£15 for good quality) and a variable wiring length varying per property. If the property has any other factors that could require additional material or equipment, this could increase the costs accordingly.

For a tradeperson, this would typically take between 2-3 hours to complete, although this could vary based on the circumstances of the property, any additional issues or difficulties that could arise and the time required to complete the job. In some cases, the quality of work may well be proportional to the cost.

Loft Lighting Prices

Below are some estimated costs of loft light installation.

Job Description Avg. Cost Duration
Supply and fit a new loft light with a switch outside loft hatch £80-£150 2-3 hours

Cost Breakdown

Individual costs of a typical loft light installation - Total Cost: £150






Waste Removal

What the Job Entails

If you access the loft space with any regularity and do not have a loft light already in place, then there will come a time when you get fed up with keeping an extension cable in the loft, pulling it down then plugging it in then taking a bedside lamp up into the loft and plugging it into the lead.

Regular access to your loft space is safer and easier with a loft light, but electrical work can be extremely dangerous and by law needs to be carried out in accordance with Building Regulations Part P: Electrical Safety to reduce the danger of electrical fires and electric shock accidents.

So, unless you are considering just leaving a battery powered portable lamp in the loft, it's essential that you hire someone qualified and competent to carry out electrical work in your loft. This doesn't mean that installing a loft light has to cost a small fortune, a competent electrician can do this job pretty quickly so they shouldn't charge you the Earth.

For a professional electrician, installing a loft light is an easy job as the electrics will already be in the loft to serve the ceiling lights underneath. It is an unpleasant job though working in the dark by torchlight in a dusty loft.

Barring the electrician falling through the roof, if the loft is not boarded out, there is little in the way of potential problems with regards to this job, as long as you hire a professional with the right experience, qualifications and training.

Most electricians will do this job by splitting the electric feed to one of the bedroom lights and adding a junction box, then using this feed to supply the loft light(s) and then fitted a switch near the loft opening for convenience.

This will provide a loft light which is fused on the upper lighting circuit. If you've already boarded the loft getting access to one of the feeds may be trickier so budget for this extra cost.


A competent electrician should be able to do this in around 2-3 hours. However, if the loft is already boarded out add an extra hour or so.
Technically - yes, you can, but unless you are very experienced and confident with electrical work then you should hire a professional. At the very least you need to ensure that you are not going to overload your existing lighting circuit by calculating the total wattages.
Yes - you could simply leave a battery powered push light in the loft near the hatch - but you can guarantee that the batteries will be flat just when you really need to use it!