Electric Meter Relocation Cost

Last updated 30th January, 2024

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Moving an Electric Meter

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How Much is Moving an Electric Meter?

Over time, the ways in which we use our homes change. If you move to a new home or want to update a room, you may find that you need to move your electric meter. If you want to move your electricity meter, read this useful guide to learn about what you can expect.

What is Involved in Moving your Electric Meter?

There are many reasons why you may want to move your electricity meter. It may be unsightly, located in an area that you would like to renovate or situated in an awkward position that makes it hard to reach.

Whatever your reason, it is important to remember that electricity is extremely dangerous, so any work to relocate your electric meter can only be carried out by your electricity supplier - it is against the law for anyone else to do the work.

What Should you Expect if you are Planning to Move an Electric Meter?

To move your electric meter you will need to contact your electricity supplier. You must not attempt this work yourself - it is illegal. Your electricity supplier will need to know where your electricity meter is located and how far you plan to move it.

You should also have the following details to hand:

  1. Full name and a contact telephone number for the owner of the property
  2. The full address of the property
  3. The Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) – you can find this printed on your bill

The work required will depend on a number of factors discussed below.

If you want to move your electric meter 15 centimetres or less along the wooden backboard that it is mounted on, then your electricity supplier will be able to organise the relocation for you if:

  • The meter is located within your home.
  • There is enough space on the backboard to cover the change.
  • The meter tails are long enough.
  • You do not require any changes to your electricity supply.

If you want to move your electric meter up to 3 metres (for less than 15 centimetres see above) along the same wall you will need to:

  • Pay for a new backboard for the meter.
  • Have the meter tail replaced with a longer set. You will need to find a qualified electrician to do this for you. Remember it is illegal to attempt to carry out any of this work yourself.
  • Some of the work may also need to be carried out by the local distribution company for your electricity.

If you are planning to move your electric meter more than 3m or want to move the meter to a different wall (either in the same room or a different one):

  • You will need to get your local distribution company to move the mains supply first. After that your electricity supplier can move the electricity meter. Get in touch with your electricity supplier and they will be able to guide you through the process.

If your electric meter is outside your home, you will need to have work done by your local distribution company. Get in touch with your electricity supplier and they will be able to guide you through the process.

Whatever your situation, contact your electricity supplier in the first instance and they will be able to advise you about what to do next.

Once you have had your electricity meter moved, you may find that you need additional work to repair and finish the area. You might need a plasterer and a decorator to plaster and decorate newly exposed walls or a carpenter to repair flooring. These extra jobs are useful to include in your budget for an accurate final figure.

The actual task of moving your electricity meter will be completed within a day. You may also need your own electrician to be present for some of the time. If the engineers have to carry out any additional work during the relocation, you will need to pay for that too.

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Moving an Electrical Metre Prices

The average cost of moving an electric meter is around £200 - £800, dependant on the location of the meter.

The engineers will carry out this work as a fixed, statutory job on behalf of the electricity board. As you may require the electricity company to send out an electrician, you can expect to wait up to 6 weeks.

The main variations in cost will depend on your supplier and the distance you need the meter to move by. The further it needs to move, the higher the overall price.

Below we have estimated some prices for hiring an electrician to move your electric meter:

Description Avg. Cost Duration
Move your electric meter 15 centimetres or less £75-£130 1-2 hours
Move your electric meter up to 3 metres £300-£600 3-4 hours
Move your electric meter to a different wall £600-£1000 4-6 hours

Cost Breakdown Calculator For Moving Your Electric Meter up to 3 Metres

The calculator shows the individual costs of moving your electric meter up to 3 metres - Total Cost: £450






Waste Removal


As a high-priority energy-saving device in the U.K, if you want to get a smart meter, your energy supplier will fit it for you and the cost will be covered within your energy bill. Smart meters enable you and your energy supplier to accurately track your current energy use, which can help you to reduce your usage and your supplier to bill you accurately. However, you will need to think about how you can lower your energy usage if you want to make savings.
The life of your electricity meter is determined by its certification period. Your electricity supplier should notify you if your electricity meter needs changing, but if you are unsure you can contact them to check. Certification periods tend to be around 10 years for newly approved induction meters and up to 20 years for static meters. For further information get in touch with your electricity supplier.
If your electric meter is telling the wrong time it may well be faulty. Other signs that there is something wrong with your electricity meter is if your meter is too fast or too slow. If you think your electricity meter may be faulty, get in touch with your electricity supplier straight away and they will advise you about what to do next.
Your MPAN number is your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN). It is 21 digits long and will start with an S. You can find it printed on your electricity bill or your electricity supplier can give it to you. Your MPAN number is your unique number that is used to identify your electricity supply point.