The Cost Of Caravan Decking Installation

All you need to know about caravan decking, including costs of installation, materials, labour and time frames.

The Cost Of Caravan Decking Installation

What the job entails

Decking has been a popular way for homeowners to create more usable space in their garden for many years. Decking can provide a place to enjoy the good weather, great for barbeques and parties, so it's no surprise that this feature is now growing in popularity amongst static caravan owners. Whether you are thinking about decking for your home or your caravan, it's worthwhile to at least consider the option of hiring tradesmen and having the decking professionally installed. Though getting a decking quote is almost certainly going to be more expensive, once you factor in the cost to buy or hire tools and equipment, plus the cost of all the materials and your time, then the actual difference in cost might not be as great as you would think. But if you already have all the tools and equipment plus some serious DIY skills, then you can certainly tackle this job yourself.

Caravan decking (aka Verandas) can help you make the most of your holiday home and if you choose uPVC or composite materials then it's low maintenance too. Composite caravan decks look beautiful and will last for many years longer than wooden decks as they won't rot, chip, splinter or crack - plus they never need staining or painting. Verandas for caravans are available in a wide variety of styles and are versatile enough to meet almost any requirement. Composite and uPVC decking products are particularly popular amongst retired communities on caravan sites due to the lack of maintenance. They are great in winter as well as summer, giving some extra non-muddy exterior space. For sites with sloping ground skirts can be added to the decking with built in storage for items such as bikes, deckchairs and barbeques.

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The Cost Of Caravan Decking Installation

There are a number of factors which will affect the project cost, not least of which is the scale of the project. Obviously the larger the decked area required, the more materials you'll need and the more expensive the job will be. Additional features such as terraced decks with steps and balustrades will also increase the cost of a project significantly. Other than the actual size of your decking area, the next largest cost factor is the timber decking prices. There's a wide variety of wood you can use for decking, with everything from cheap softwood to luxurious hardwood that can be clicked into place with no visible screws. This top of the range hardwood decking is, unsurprisingly, much more expensive, so you need to consider your budget. With softwood you can expect to pay between £20 and £35 per square metre just for materials. For hardwood, expect no less than £50 per square metre. In addition, hardwood is more expensive to fit so in addition to a higher material cost, labour costs will be higher too. If you're attempting DIY decking, then softwood material will be easier and less expensive when you make a mistake.

There are number of other considerations with decking prices, for example, costs can be lower when decking is built on top of a pre-existing patio area, but much higher if built on rough, steeply sloping ground. A simple shape without lots of levels and balustrades is also a lot cheaper and easier to build. You also need to consider local planning laws as even though decking isn't considered a permanent structure, many councils around the UK have placed limits on how much of a garden can be covered by decking. In addition, because decking is elevated planning permission may be required as it could affect your neighbours. Different restrictions may apply in caravan parks, so you will also likely have to get written permission from the park owners before proceeding.

For a tradesperson, this would typically take a day or two, which would usuallly be at a rate between £100-£250. In some projects, there may be a requirement for additional tradespersons to assist, so this could increase the cost. For example; a small decking installation could take 1 day for 1 tradesperson, costing around £200, but for a larger decking installation requiring 2 days and require an extra tradesperson, running a cost of £800 roughly (x2 tradesperson, x2 days, at £200 per day).

Below are some estimated costs of caravan decking.

Job Description Avg. Cost Duration
Small Simple Decking Area 15 Square Metres - Single Level Budget Timber £1200 1-2 Days
Small Simple Decking Area 15 Square Metres - Single Level Budget Hardwood £1500 1-2 Days
Small Simple Decking Area 15 Square Metres - Single Level Budget Composite £1600 1-2 Days

Cost Breakdown

Individual costs of installing caravan decking (Composite) 15m squared - Total Cost: £1600






Waste Removal


There are several different types of timber starting with budget products made from pressure treated pine, right up to premium hardwoods. There are also composite decking products made from wood and plastics, and even pure plastic decking boards are available with a wood stain veneer. Each material has it's pros and cons, but composite decking products can often offer the best of both worlds and are environmentally friendly.
The main advantage with uPVC decking is that it does not require as much maintenance as real wood, just give it an occasional brush down or wash with a damp cloth. It also never needs sanding or sealing and will keep its colour throughout the product lifespan. Some people do prefer the natural wood look and are happy to put up with the ongoing maintenance, horses for courses.
Some parks do not allow any decking systems to be installed at all, whereas others will only allow timber products. You would really need to discuss with your park manager to get advice on the parks policy regarding decking. Often there will be an application form which will need to be completed for approval. Companies that sell and fit decking products are usually familiar with these applications and can offer assistance completing the forms.
If you can imagine a decking solution that will fit into the space you have available, then it can probably be done as long as the Park regulations are adhered to.
No - but the job will likely cost a bit more to install if the site is not level, as the decking obviously does need to be level.
Decking systems can be fitted with lockable, self-closing gates with child safety locks for additional safety and security - so they are perfectly safe for young children and pets.