Artificial Grass Installation Costs

Last updated 22nd May 2020

Trying to find out how much it costs to install artificial grass? In this article you'll find a breakdown of prices for different grades of fake grass, and a cost calculator making it easy for any homeowner to determine the cost for them.

Artificial Grass

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How Much to Lay Artificial Grass?

The average cost of supplying and fitting artificial grass is usually around £60 per sq metre depending on the shape and size of your garden and whether or not you buy the grass in 2 metre or 4 metre widths.

The average gardener will usually charge around £100-£150 per day, they don't need to work in pairs but often do. The removal of your old grass, prep work and installation will often take 2 to 3 days depending on the size of the garden.

Artificial Grass Prices

Below are some estimated costs of hiring a gardener to lay fake grass:

Garden Size Avg. Cost Duration
10 sq metres £600 1-2 days
25 sq metres £1500 2-3 days
50 sq metres £2500 3-5 days
100 sq metres £4500 6-8 days

Cost Breakdown Calculator for Laying Artificial Grass

Individual costs for installing artificial grass for a 25 sq metre garden - Total Cost: £1500






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Introduction to the Costs of Installing Artificial Grass

This article details typical costs charged for installing artificial grass and also examines the advantages and disadvantages of having fake/artificial grass installed in your garden. Artificial grass is made from plastic and its primary advantage is removing all the hassle of maintaining a real grass lawn. It is also popular with homeowners that have a shaded lawn or poor soil that is not suitable for natural grass growth.

Artificial Grass Prices

Artificial grass is available in number of grades and supply only prices start at around £10 per square metre. However, these low quality fake grasses and are best suited to exhibitions and other commercial uses rather than on your front lawn. Mid-range artificial grass products cost around £22 per square metre and are more acceptable but still obviously detectable as fake. The premium artificial grass products cost from £27 per metre and upwards and mimic the look of natural grass extremely well, plus they are extremely durable and should last around 15 years.

How to Lay Artificial Grass

If you were considering laying your own artificial grass, then you will need some basic tools (shovel, wheelbarrow, brush, rake, backing tape, knife, hammer and nails) plus timber for edge fixings, kiln dried sand, and a weed proof mat, plus the artificial grass of course. The job entails stripping out all old grass and vegetation, then levelling the soil removing any large stones. A top layer of kiln dried sand can then be laid and firmed down followed by a weed proof mat then the roll of artificial grass.

Use tape on all joints then sprinkle kiln dried sand over the carpet to weigh it down. Finally, if you have timber edgings you can nail the edge of the carpet to the edgings for a neat finish. Laying artificial turf makes the lawn look spectacularly neat, so neat in fact that the rest of your garden will look positively shabby if not up to scratch! Consider upgrading the entire garden to match the stunning artificial grass and take care of fencing, paths, borders and any hard landscaping at the same time.

Rolls of artificial grass come in 2 metre or 4 metre widths in a roll up to 25 metres long. Use special double sided backing tape on all the joints so there are no unsightly gaps and lay a weight such over the joint to ensure the edges are pressed down onto the adhesive to ensure good adhesion.

Trying to do the job yourself and using the cheapest artificial turf never really works out well. We all like a bargain, but in the case of artificial turf you actually do get what you pay for. The cheapest turf looks awful and is not convincing at all, it looks really fake even from a mile away! Not only that but the cheaper, lower quality material will weather faster and need replacing sooner, so in many cases it's cost effective to spend a bit more on a higher quality material, which should only need replacing every 10-15 years.

But even the best artificial turf will not look great unless it is fitted correctly. Good quality artificial turf fitted well looks so much like real grass that you really can't tell unless you touch it, the only real giveaway is sometimes artificial lawns look so good they can't be real! But even expensive high quality artificial turf, if not fitted well to the borders and with perfectly hidden seams, it looks completely artificial. Also it is highly recommended to use a weed proof mat under the artificial turf to prevent weeds growth coming through. Again it adds to the expense, as does professional fitting, but you do get a better, longer lasting job.

Alternatively, you might want to consider installing block paving instead. It's just as low maintenance, harder wearing and the price isn't too much more!

Benefits of Artificial Grass

The primary benefit of fake grass is the low maintenance, obviously requiring no mowing or trimming whatsoever. It's also clean (no mud when it's wet), and is water and weather resistant so should last for a number of years before it needs replacing.

How Much to Remove Old Turf

Before laying artificial grass you need to consider the cost of removing any old turf first. This preparation work is labour intensive and will be the primary cost of fitting artificial grass. A tradesperson will likely use machinery to remove the old turf and up to 20cm of soil, before preparing the ground for the fake grass. The price of this work will depend almost solely on the size of your garden and your location. The larger the garden the cheaper the cost per square metre, but the higher the overall price of the job.

Replacing Artificial Grass

If you already have artificial grass in place, but it's got a bit worn or damaged and needs replacing then this job is usually fairly simple. The professional gardener will remove the old grass, check the base work is still in good condition and then lay the new fake turf. The time it takes will vary depending on the size of your garden, whilst the overall cost will be similarly dependant on the size as well as the quality of material you choose for your artificial turf.

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Artificial grass does require some maintenance, but compared to a real lawn it is considerably less. An artificial grass lawn just requires an occasional brush off keep leaves, twigs and other organic debris from settling on the surface and compacting into a muddy surface layer of compost. There will also be a requirement to occasionally wash the surface with clean water, just using a hose and brush, not a pressure washer.

The biggest single problem is dirt collecting on the surface, but as long as this is cleared away frequently this is no big deal. But if left weeds can start to grow and the lawn can quickly begin to look grubby. So an occasional brush and wash is all that is really required to keep the artificial grass looking great.
The latest high quality artificial grass is resistant to UV rays and should stay colourfast for up to 15 years, but at some stage there will be some fading of the colour as with any other type of plastic.
Yes, modern artificial turf can be laid to sloping ground and will follow the contours and undulations of the garden just like real grass.
Artificial grass is made of durable and lightweight plastic polymers, usually a combination of polyethylene and/or polypropylene. These materials are extremely resistant to damage and are provide a soft surface not unlike real grass.
Artificial grass is made of plastic so will melt under extreme heat but will not catch fire. But you can still have a barbecue in your garden as long as you keep the heat source away from the turf, just like you would with real grass. You should also be careful with cigarettes as if they are left carelessly on the grass they could melt a small patch of turf. So make sure you have plenty of ashtrays or simply do not smoke in the garden.
Artificial grass is a great choice for children as it is soft and lush underfoot just like real grass. But it is much more durable than real grass when it comes to games and sports plus there will be no muddy patches and trails of muddy footprints everywhere! Artificial turf is also a great surface to have around children’s climbing equipment as if you would like some extra protection you have the option of installing a shock pad underlay beneath the grass to absorb the force of any falls while still looking lush!
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