Cost of New Bathroom Suite

Last updated 14th March, 2024

Want to know the costs of a new bathroom suite?

In this guide we take a deep delve into the world of bathroom suites and bathroom refurbishment. We break down the costs of a new bath, new shower, sinks and bathroom fitting. Plus much more!

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Bath Sink Taps

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How Much Is A New Bathroom Suite?

This article is about the costs involved when replacing bathroom furniture items as baths, taps, sinks and toilets. To keep things simple, assume a "like for like" replacement on all items, so there is little to no additional pipes or plumbing required, plus of course no expensive tiling is needed and no radiators need installing.

So the standard replacements will be straightforward and involve a minimum of mess, plus you will not have to do without water for longer than a few hours (or not at all if isolation valves are fitted for the bathroom).

All prices include both the supply and fit of items unless specifically stated otherwise, the prices therefore can change dramatically depending on the replacement item chosen, so for simplicity, mid-range replacements from DIY retail outlets have been used for a rough price guide.

What else should I consider?

Normally bathroom suite items are replaced for aesthetic reasons rather than any failure. So if changing any of these items to enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom, you may also want to consider tiling and decorating at the same time.

When having any plumbing work carried out also consider fitting isolation valves (aka service valves) if not already installed. These isolation valves should be fitted before any appliance so that the appliance can be serviced without having to isolate the water supply to the entire house.

What counts as an appliance?

Appliance does not mean just washing machines and dishwashers, it refers to any item that is permanently connected to the water supply, including sinks, showers and toilets.

With isolation valves in place a plumber could fit an entire new bathroom without turning the water supply off at the main stopcock. Isolation valves come in two basic designs, the cheapest and most common type uses a slotted screw to switch water on or off.

Higher quality isolation valves have handles which makes isolating the water much easier! If the plumbing in your property is old then you may find that most of the plumbing does not have isolating valves, so it is a good idea to fit them when having any other plumbing work carried out to make working on any appliance in the future that much easier and more convenient.

There are huge variations from one plumber to the next when it comes to pricing these type of jobs, plus of course many plumbers in London charge considerably more than those in the North of England and Scotland to reflect the higher cost of living.

It is also worth noting that some businesses have to charge VAT while those trading below the VAT threshold are not required to. This obviously has a large impact on the overall cost with VAT currently at 20%. Some traders work to stay below the VAT threshold to reduce their prices by only charging labour and having the customer buy all the materials.

Will I need additional work carrying out?

The main problem with having any work done in the bathroom is the wall and floor tiling, when replacing certain bathroom fixtures, even with "like for like" replacements of similar size, then unless you get an item virtually identical in size, you may be left with a gap in the tiling which looks horrendous if not fixed.

If your bathroom was tiled many years ago, it may not be possible to get the same tiles just to patch it, so a much larger area, if not the entire bathroom, will need to be retiled too. Wall/floor tiling rarely goes behind and under the bath, in most cases, the bath is installed first and then the wall is tiled and sealed to the top edge of the bath.

Removing a bath will almost always result in some tiling work being required. Typically quotes for new bathroom suite items will not include any tiling work at all.

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Bathroom Prices

The average cost to supply and fit a bath with basic taps is around £400, depending on the bath quality and excluding any tile work required to fit the bath.

Below are some estimated costs to replace a bath sink, taps and other bathroom items:

Replace Avg. Cost Duration
Bath and Taps £400 4-5 hours
Taps £150 1-2 hours
Sink and Taps £350 2-3 hours
Toilet £350 2-3 hours
Bath, Sink & Taps £700 5-7 hours

Cost Breakdown

Individual costs for replacing a bath and new taps - Total Cost: £400






Waste Removal


Assuming you want to swap your old bath for a new acrylic model of roughly the same standard size, sourced from a budget range in an outlet such as B&Q. Then the average price for the supply and fit of the new bath along with basic taps, will be around £375 (excluding any tiling work required).
This is an easier as the tiling usually goes right behind the basin so no tiling work is usually required. Expect to pay around £330 for the supply and fit of a new washbasin including new (but basic) taps. This price will also include disposal of the original wash basin.
Most existing tiling should go behind the toilet, so if you choose your new toilet carefully then again it may be possible to avoid tiling. but this will depend on the toilet chosen and the competence of your plumber. But assuming no tiling work and just some minor "boxing in" required, expect to pay around £350. The toilet, unlike the bath and sink, does have some moving parts and they do fail eventually (though bear in mind that many parts can be replaced without replacing the entire unit).

In addition, modern toilets have improved flushing and use much less water (you can even choose new toilets with dual flush valves that give you a choice of flush depending on the “type” of waste so you can choose how much water is required on each flush). So there are many good reasons to change the toilet, not just aesthetic reasons (which is normally the case with the bath/shower and sink).
Replacing both bath and basin taps will typically cost around £90. this price will include supply and fit of standard taps, if you want something really fancy, expect to pay more! Also you should note that many plumbers will have standard minimum charge, which is often £150-£320 or more. Luckily replacing taps is a fairly simple DIY task, or alternatively you can always get the taps done when the plumber is doing another job such as servicing your boiler.