Floor Soundproofing Cost

Last updated 21st February, 2024

Need some quiet? Want to know the cost of soundproofing floors?

This article delves into the world of sound proofing. If you've found yourself in need of a quiet space then maybe floor soundproofing is the way to go. Here we break down the costs involved from the supply costs, labour fees, timeframes and more!

Quiet, while we begin!

Soundproof Flooring

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How Much is Sound Proofing a Floor?

Loud noise, whether coming from a busy road or a noisy neighbour, can be a nuisance when all you want is just some peace and quiet. But if it’s becoming a long term chronic problem, then you probably should think about taking some action in the form of soundproofing your home.

Soundproofing can often be can a relatively easy project for the DIY enthusiast, especially if you’re just soundproofing the floor. Alternatively, you should be able to find contractors in your local area who will be happy to help with more complex soundproofing projects. Perhaps the simplest soundproofing job is soundproofing your laminate flooring.

How can I do this?

This can be a relatively cheap and easy way to reduce the amount of noise coming into your home and is an especially worthwhile project if you’re living in a block of flats where the neighbours are a little noisier than you’d like! Soundproofing the floor is a good start to reduce the amount of noise through your home.

The quickest and easiest method to soundproof a floor is to simply add insulation on top without lifting your floorboards, however, doing it this way will mean the level of your floor will rise as a result. This is a really cost-effective strategy and you can use products such as SBx Boards which help to block both airborne and impact noise while improving the acoustics of a room.

SBx Boards are also easy to fit and once fitted can be simply covered with floor tiles, carpet or laminate. To soundproof an average room (4m x 4m) using SBx Boards as a DIY project would cost around £700 for the supply of all boards and materials required.

Is there another way?

Soundproofing below the existing floorboards is a bit cheaper in terms of material costs (say around £400 for the same size room) but will obviously involve more work. But despite the extra work involved, it can still be worth the extra time and effort as under-floor soundproofing using an acoustic membrane and mineral wool can be much better at reducing airborne sounds. For best results you can of course use underfloor and over-floor soundproofing if maximum soundproofing is required.

Laminate flooring has become really popular in the UK thanks to its affordability and look. Modern laminate products look more convincing than ever but they leave much to be desired in terms of soundproofing.

To reduce noise levels with laminate products you need to put some form of rubber matting down, such as the Isosonic mat which is a cost-effective option designed to be used underneath laminate floors. Made from recycled rubber, these Isosonic mats are dense and easy to cut, and increase soundproofing to acceptable levels for very little cost (perhaps £200 - £300 per room).

What else do I need to consider?

The main costs to consider when you’re soundproofing floors is the labour. The work is not complex but it can be time consuming, especially if pulling up the floorboards. Hiring a professional contractor will greatly increase the cost of the project, but at least you know that the job will be completed quickly and efficiently.

In fact, because the best floor soundproofing methods involve removing floor coverings and sometimes the floorboards themselves, it makes sense to consider soundproofing when getting a new carpet or laminate flooring. You are already paying for the labour so the soundproofing costs will essentially be limited to just the additional cost of the materials.

The best method to improve the noise insulation in your home will depend on the exact situation; although one size fits all type noise solutions are advertised they are nearly always inadequate and soundproofing the floors will not be the best solution in all situations.

Properties and situations are often unique so the best soundproofing method will depend on the nature of the building infrastructure and the source of the noise. As a general rule however, if the noise is from an external source, then the weak point for sound transmission into a building is most often the windows.

Standard double (or even better triple glazing) will help but in areas of high noise then acoustic absorbent material on the perimeter reveal around the window gap may be required, along with double glazing units with a sizeable gap between the glass panes of up to 100mm to further reduce outside noise.

If these solutions do not provide sufficient noise reduction, then external line-of-sight barriers in between the property and the noise source (i.e. a busy main road) should be considered, if approved by the local authority.

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Soundproof Flooring Prices

The average material cost of installing soundproofing to your floor depends on what materials you decide to use. Insulating with SBx boards are the most costly option at around £700 a room, sound proofing below existing flooring costs around £400 in materials, with isosonic mats underneath laminate flooring costing £200-£300 for a medium-sized room.

A soundproof flooring specialist will usually charge around £150 to £200 per day depending on location. Whatever method of soundproofing you decide to use the labour time will ultimately depend on how many rooms are being soundproofed. The overall labour will take around 1-2 days.

Below are some estimated costs of a specialist to fit soundproof flooring:

Type of Soundproofing Avg. Cost Duration
SBx boards underneath flooring £900-£1000 1-2 days
Soundproofing below floor boards £550-£600 1-2 days
Isosonic mats underneath laminate flooring £400-£500 1-2 days

Cost Breakdown

Individual costs of supplying & fitting SBx boards to soundproof your flooring - Total Cost: £1000






Waste Removal


Yes, soundproofing is not a terribly messy job, but expect some inconvenience caused by the use of power tools and some dust.
Every soundproofing job is different and the time taken depends on which system is chosen plus the size and complexity of the work undertaken. But a two man team should be able to soundproof an area of around 15 square metres per day assuming good access and no problems.
Soundproofing simply reduces the noise in a specific area, whereas acoustic treatment improves the quality of the sound within a room.
Yes, most contractors would expect you to clear ready for work to commence, however, if you need assistance with larger items, let the contractors know when gathering quotes so they can include it in the price.
There are a lot of factors which influence the noise in a room so it is difficult to determine how much the noise will reduce exactly. But 100% noise reduction is not realistic and all projects will deliver different results.
Flanking noise is noise that is transmitted through the fabric of a building mostly through walls that can penetrate floors. The easiest way to identify flanking noise is to listen with your ear against the supporting structures in the room and see if most of the sound travels down the wall.