Painting Skirting Boards Cost

Last updated 27th February, 2024

Does you skirting and door frames need painting?

This article talks you through all you need to know about painting skirting boards. We discuss what paint for skirting boards is best, the labour fees, paint prices and more!

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The Cost of Painting Skirting Boards

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How Much to Paint Skirting Boards?

The skirting boards and door/window frames are often forgotten when people think about redecorating, but having freshly wallpapered or painted walls need freshly painted skirting boards to make them look their best.

What do I need to consider?

There are a number of factors to consider when you're thinking about the cost of painting and decorating. First of all, remember that most of the quotes you will receive will be for labour costs as painting is a labour intensive job and the materials only account for a small percentage of the overall price.

Painting skirting boards are even more labour intensive as it is a fiddly and slow process when compared to painting an entire wall. This means that the prices you will be quoted will vary considerably around the country due to your location and the skill level of the painter.

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Skirting Board Painting Prices

It is no big surprise to learn London is the most expensive area to hire decorators, closely followed by the surrounding Home Counties. Even in other areas which are traditionally cheaper, prices can still remain high for skilled and experienced professionals who will always be busy and have to be booked well in advance so can, therefore, charge higher prices.

Do I need a professional?

Remember, anyone can splash a coat of paint on, but getting a consistent finish isn't always easy. Plus there's the mess to think about; professional decorators are much more likely to leave your home the way they found it, rather than taking your money and leaving you to deal with paint drips on carpets and flooring.

You should also take into account that painting quotes will usually just include the basics, any additional work required such as filling in any gaps or cracks will usually cost extra.

Below are some estimated costs of painting skirting boards.

Job Description Avg. Cost Duration
Gloss skirting boards and other woodwork in one 3m x 3m room £200 1-2 days
Same job but with poor existing woodwork needing a lot of filling £300 2 days

Cost Breakdown

Costs of painting skirting boards (and any other woordwork) in one 3m x 3m room - Total Cost: £200






Waste Removal


For any internal woodwork, you can use oil-based or water-based wood paints. Oil-based paints tend to give longer lasting results and are available in gloss, satin, silk and matte finishes.
If you're painting over bare wood, use one coat of primer then one coat of undercoat, before one or two coats of topcoat. You can also buy 2-in-1 primer and undercoat, which can save some time. On wood that's already painted, it's still advisable to use undercoat.
You can, but many water-based wood paints dry so quickly it's hard to achieve a good finish. According to the professionals, the best white water-based wood paint is Dulux Trade Quick Dry Satinwood, which dries more slowly than most water-based products, so it's easier to get a consistent finish. It's hardwearing too.
Traditionally, interior wood paints were always gloss, but nowadays satinwood and eggshell are more fashionable. Although, if you're painting over old gloss paint, it's important to prepare it the wood properly, as paint doesn't adhere well to glossy surfaces. This means sanding and then applying an undercoat or primer to leave a matt finish ready for the new paint.
For the best finish you should always strip off the varnish before applying paint, but wood stain can usually be painted over without stripping.
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