The Cost of Installing a New Boiler

All you need to know about the associated costs for installing a new boiler including materials, labour and time frames.

New Boiler

What the job entails

This page article is all about getting a new boiler and is part of our series into prices charged by plumbers and gas engineers for typical jobs. The boiler is at the heart of almost every modern home and supplies essential hot water to both the radiators and taps. The average homeowner can save between £79 and £237 per year by simply replacing an old inefficient boiler with a new modern condensing boiler system (according to figures released by uSwitch). This means you could potentially pay off the initial cost of a new boiler in as little as 9 years, plus a new boiler may add value to the property if you are trying to sell - no wonder this is one of the most popular home improvement jobs!

You should note however that contrary to popular belief, you can’t always simply replace a boiler with a new one, since April 2005 all new boiler installations and replacements must be done with modern condensing boilers. So you cannot do a like for like replacement on an older traditional boiler. However, these modern systems are more energy efficient even though they do require some extra work initially and are more expensive to buy. Also the new regulations state that the temperature of each room must be adjustable, so thermostat valves must be installed on each radiator in every room to help reduce heating bills and lower carbon emissions.

You may also require a new gas supply pipe to comply with new regulations regarding the pressure drop between the gas meter and the boiler. Depending on the age of the property, this could mean installing a larger pipe, but most houses built after 2000 should already have a suitable gas supply pipe. So getting a new boiler can involve more work than expected, but is worth it in the long run as you not only save money on heating bills but you get a warmer, more comfortable home, with heating controls in every room!

When you have a new boiler installed you will have the option of having additional work carried out at the same time which makes sense as the labour costs will be greatly reduced. Typical related jobs include fitting upgraded TRV Valves on all radiators, new wall thermostat control plus remote control, magnetic filtration system, central heating system power flush, additional radiators, and a hot water cylinder tank.

When it comes to getting a new boiler, there are a couple of other options you may want to consider. Flow is a type of gas condensing boiler that also has a small turbine that generates electricity which provides around 60% of the average homes electricity needs. The Flow boiler is only really suitable for large homes but it's possible to get a Flow boiler with no upfront cost using a self-financing package over five years while you pay off the cost of the boiler and installation.

The cost of the boiler will be paid for by energy savings and feed-in tariff payments from the electricity generated but according to Flow your energy bills will still be reduced while you are paying of the boiler because you will be saving so much energy. After five years, the boiler payments stop and you benefit from the feed-in tariff payments. The Flow boiler availability is currently limited but if you are interested in this new technology it is worth finding out more.

Another option, rather than buying a new boiler, is to simply rent one! If you're not eligible for any boiler grants or a free replacement and you don't have the money to buy, you could consider renting a boiler. But this is a more expensive method in the long run and you'll be tied into a lengthy contract to cover the cost of the boiler and installation, plus an ongoing boiler servicing maintenance contract.

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Cost of Installing a New Boiler

The average cost to hire a heating engineer to install a new boiler is typically around £2000-£3000 with the price depending on the quality of boiler you opt for, how easy it is to install, what optional extras you choose/need and your location.

A gas safe engineer will often charge around £150-£200 a day in labour, however the job of fitting a new boiler shouldn't take any longer than a day unless there is a lot of pipe work to carry out or the boiler needs moving. Also bear in mind that power flushing the whole system can add another day to the job as well, depending upon the number of radiators and how badly the system needed flushing.

Boiler specialists will often work in pairs so as to get the job done faster as well as for health and safety reasons. In these cases you can expect to pay around £250-£300 per day for labour.

Below are some estimated costs of hiring a tradesmen to install a new boiler and extra features:

Job Description Avg. Cost Duration
Boiler with Thermostat £2100 1 day
Boiler with Thermostat & 10 Thermostat Radiator Valves (TRV's) £2500 1 day
Boiler with Thermostat, 10 TRV's & System Flush £3000 2 days
Boiler with Thermostat, 10 TRV's, System Flush & New Cylinder Tank £3500 2-3 days

Cost Breakdown

Individual costs for hiring a tradesmen to install an average boiler with thermostat and 10 TRV's - Total Cost: £2500






Waste Removal


Assuming you have the old boiler swapped for a new condensing boiler in the same location so no piping issues and your heating controls and wall thermostat are fairly modern so can be kept (by modern you should at the least be able to control the temperature for the taps and the radiators separately). Then a typical quote would be around £2000-£2500.

This quote would include having TRV valves installed to radiators, a new boiler, and a central heating power system flush. The price also assumes a standard boiler which is suitable for up to ten radiators. However, before forking out for a new boiler, check to see if you are eligible to cut costs by claiming a grant from the government or even get a free boiler! Under the government's Energy Companies Obligation scheme, some homeowners and private tenants can get their old, inefficient boilers replaced for free or at least have the cost of a replacement boiler heavily subsidised.

The scheme was set up to help low-income families improve the energy efficiency of their homes and to help reduce the carbon footprint. If you meet the income criteria, then as long as your boiler is over eight years old, you should qualify. However, government funding is limited for this scheme now and the benefits-related criteria are quite stringent. But if you claim benefits it is definitely worth checking!
For a new boiler it is hard to recommend them, according to Which? A servicing contract is to be a false economy as the average cost of a boiler repair is just £188, so you'd need to have a lot of ongoing problems with your boiler to justify the extra cost of a boiler servicing contract.

Better to compare the reliability of boilers online, choose a reliable brand, then set aside money to cover any potential boiler problems. Of course, if you like the idea of having fixed monthly payment and never having to worry about unexpected boiler repair costs, then there are many servicing plans to choose from, many of which also cover electrics and plumbing.