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Last updated 8th February, 2024

Do you need a gas safety certificate?

This article discusses all you need to know about a gas safety check. If you're a landlord who requires the gas check by law or a homeowner who wants peace of mind you've come to the right place. We talk through timeframes, using the gassafe register to find the right tradesman for you as well as how much their labour fees will be.

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How Much Does a Gas Safety Certificate Cost?

Gas safety certificates are a legal requirement for any UK landlord. If you are a UK landlord, you will want to know how to get a gas safety certificate and how much it will cost. Read this useful guide to find out about how to get a gas safety certificate and what you should expect to pay.

The gas safety certificate is a legal inspection of the gas appliances in your property that must be carried out every year. The statutory check can only be carried out by an approved Gas Safe engineer. If you own rental properties in the UK this is a statutory requirement that you must adhere to, to ensure the safety of your tenants.

The inspection must include all of the gas appliances, pipework, chimneys and flues in the property. For many nowadays, there are fewer gas appliance, so for many, they may only require their gas fire servicing. If you are not aware of which appliances use gas, a Gas Safe Engineer can tell you which are, during their inspection. Once you pass the inspection you will receive your CP12 certificate which you must keep for at least the next two years. You must pass a copy of the CP12 to your tenants within 28 days of issue. When new tenants move in, you will need to give them a copy.

How do you get a gas safety certificate?

When your Gas Safe engineer arrives, they will undertake the following checks on your gas appliances. They will check:

  • each appliance for gas tightness
  • the standing and working gas pressure (if test points are available)
  • the burner pressure/gas pressure against the manufacturers plate
  • that the provision of all necessary ventilation is satisfactory
  • the flue flow to ensure the removal of products of combustion
  • that safety devices work properly
  • for any misuse of gas devices or terms

Although you are not responsible for any gas appliances that your tenant may have brought to the property themselves, it is a good idea to include them in the inspection. You are not responsible for the appliances that they have brought with them, but you are responsible for the pipework that supplies the gas to those appliances.

Once you pass the check you will receive your Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate (CP12). This certificate is valued for one year. You will need to undertake this check every year.

It is wise to consult a number of Gas Safe engineers before you make a decision, because you will find that the cost that you are quoted for the work will vary. There are Gas Safe engineers who will carry out the work from as little as £35, whilst others may charge as much as £150. Costs across the country will also vary from place to place, so it is best to get a selection of quotes before you make a decision.

You can only obtain a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate if the work is carried out by a registered Gas Safe engineer, so make sure that the engineer that you employ is qualified to carry out the work. It is advisable to use the Gas Safe Register to find your Gas Safe engineer so that you can be sure that your engineer is officially approved to undertake the inspection. Visit the Gas Safe Register's Find An Engineer page.

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How much does it cost get a gas safety certificate?

The average cost of a gas safety certificate is around £60 - £90, dependant on where you live in the UK and the number of gas appliances involved.

Your Gas Safe engineer will carry out this work as a fixed, statutory job.

Gas Safety Prices

Below are some estimated costs of hiring a specialist to conduct an inspection and certify your property as gas safety:

Description Avg. Cost Duration
Single property inspection and certification £75 1-2 hours

Cost Breakdown Calculator for Gas Safety Certification

Individual costs of inspecting and certifying a single property - Total Cost: £75






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A gas safety certificate must be obtained every year. It is a landlord’s statutory duty to ensure that the inspection is undertaken and the CP12 Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate is obtained. The landlord must give a copy of the certificate to their tenant within 28 days of issue.
Yes, all landlords in the UK must legally provide a carbon monoxide detector in any room that is used as living accommodation where solid fuel is used. The carbon monoxide detector must be in place from the beginning of the tenancy. This is a statutory requirement.
If you live in a house it is most likely that your gas meter is positioned outside of your home, at the side or rear of the property. If you are a business or live in a building with other residents, such as block of flats, then you are likely to find your gas meter inside of the building.
Yes, it is a legal requirement for every landlord in the UK to have a gas safety check completed on all gas appliances in the property that they own. The gas safety check must be carried out every year by a Gas Safe engineer. When the property has passed the inspection the landlord will receive a CP12, which is the Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate. A copy of the certificate must be given to the tenant within 28 days. The certificate should be kept for at least two years after the date of issue.
No, you do not need a gas safety certificate if you are selling your home. However, if you intend to begin letting the property then you will need to get a CP12, a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate from a Gas Safe engineer. The Gas Safe engineer will need to come to your home and inspect all of your gas appliances. Once you have passed all of the checks you will receive a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate. This inspection is a legal requirement for all UK landlords. The check must be carried out by an approved Gas Safe engineer. You will need to get a new gas safety certificate every year. A copy of the certificate will need to be sent to your new tenants within 28 days. Don’t throw the certificate away after one year, you need to keep the certificate for at least two years.
Yes, you will need to have all of your gas appliances checked by a Gas Safe engineer and obtain a gas safety certificate if you have a lodger. You will need to get this check every year. You will need to give a copy of the CP12 Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate to your lodger within 28 days of issue and retain your own copy of the certificate for at least two years. You will need to have this statutory inspection carried out every year. It is a legal requirement.
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